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About Us

Key Contacts

Leadership Team

Pat Stricker - Chief Operating Officer

Robert Birdsey – Director of Client Services

Mike Klauer - VP Sales

Erich Golschneider – Controller


Customer Service Account Managers

Tammy Batcha

Rob Daniels

Lisa Davis

Tim Gates

Lisa George

Pamela Hays

Sarah Kendall

Steve Wilson

Stephanie Jordan

Steve Mead

Donna Hendee

Darcey Morgan

Tina Pringle

Dale Ricker

Melba Stowell

Kelly Nanopoulos


Department Managers

Keith Ford – Facilities Manager

John Gilliatt – Pressroom Manager

Sean Johannessen – Digital Prepress Manager

Michael Draper - HR Manager

Jennifer Libuda – IT Manager

Kathy Lowell – Client Services Manager

Tony Thurston – Finishing/Traffic Manager


Support Staff

Chris Adams – Technology Lead

Dave Adams – Digital Prepress Support Specialist

Robin Kramer – Technical Representative

Brandy Coutermarsh – Technical Representative

Craig Leggere – Technical Representative

Kelly Thorburn – Executive Assistant & Project Manager

Risé Tremblay – Circulation and Fulfillment Administrator

Kevin Lyons – Technical Representative



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