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Production Workflows

Take streamlining and efficiency to new heights with book production workflow solutions from Sheridan that put you in control, simplify your tasks, eliminate redundancies, and ultimately create an all-new, improved workflow.

Sheridan Select: Evolutionary Concept; Revolutionary Workflow

At the core of this exclusive in-house developed system is power and versatility through central product management. A single point of entry gives you the means to order and manage book and journal production – whether “one-off” print-on-demand (POD) or print runs in the thousands, perfect bound or case bound, or toner, inkjet, or offset print. The system integrates with your own business rules to channel orders to the appropriate print location and device. It also integrates with Sheridan’s global distributed print workflow for efficient and economical content distribution worldwide.

Unheard of ease ― in order placement, production, distribution, tracking and reporting. Sheridan Select puts the power at your fingertips, and the time- and cost-savings benefits on your bottom line

Versatility for a Variety of Business Needs

Sheridan Select is the right fit for a number of print management challenges.  Consider the following:

  • First printings of books and journals — First printings of books and journals are a perfect fit for Sheridan Select, which enables any manner of printing production of your publications through data-driven ordering.
  • Globally distributed print — Sheridan Select can direct your international print orders to be distributed to the most logical of Sheridan’s global print partners, with the added benefits of reduced time to market and distribution costs. (View our Distributed Print page for more information.)
  • Back issue management — Sheridan Select enables intelligent rules-based back-issue management, which reduces costs, saves time, and keeps customers happy. It’s also a great way to quickly and automatically fulfill last-minute conference and marketing needs.
  • Zero inventory POD — Some publishers choose not to produce and store back issues at all in order to achieve zero inventory. Sheridan Select easily handles orders as they are requested, with just-in-time production and delivery.
  • Ecommerce POD — Create revenue opportunities by linking your eCommerce platform to Sheridan Select. Consumers purchase your content in a secure shopping cart environment and the orders are seamlessly processed and fulfilled directly by Sheridan Select's print-on-demand functionality making the process completely automated and touch free.
  • Online-only titles — Are you receiving requests for print versions of online-only titles? No worries; Sheridan Select lets you handle those individual requests easily and automatically. You can even offer print subscriptions for your online-only titles, if your readers want them.

Sheridan’s Digital Print Advantage™ is a web-based book ordering system that lets you upload your files, place an order, and ship a single copy or any number up through 500 copies — simply and economically. The benefits are many. Books can be produced in 2 to 5 days! And, ordering only what you need means reduced or eliminated inventory costs. Reprint orders are easy; simply access the appropriate archive file in the eWarehouse and generate the order.

Smart Systems with a Future

Integrated systems such as these are just the beginning. We know that as the complexity of print and electronic product management increases, publishers will continue to require systems that can do it all, and databases that tie together critical data. Look to Sheridan for a smarter way to work.


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