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Digital Print Advantage

Digital Print Advantage

Digital Print Advantage is a web-based ordering system whereby publishers can submit, order, and ship books efficiently and economically in ultra-short runs.  Once titles have been submitted and prepped you can order books as you need them, anytime, from anywhere, and have them shipped anywhere in the world.

Digital Print Advantage orders are printed via our digital toner presses in quantities ranging from one copy to 500.  Be it one color or full four-color text, hard bound or soft bound, your books will be produced on-demand as you need them.

For step-by-step instructions on how to upload your files or place an order download our Digital Print Advantage Quick Start Guide as a PDF. Additional information regarding digital print requirements is available in our Digital Print Advantage Manual.

Sheridan ALWAYS has the VERY BEST customer service. I can honestly say that when I think of receiving great customer service Sheridan is one of the first entities that comes to mind.
Lynn Mercado
Assistant Manager

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