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Online-Only Licensed Print Management

Outsource Online-Only Print Requests to Us

Some journals begin life as online-only; others may transition to it after years of existing in both print and online form. There are efficiencies to online-only, to be sure, but there will always be requests for a print version, whether in single issue form, or as a request for a complete print subscription.

Did you know you can honor those requests, make those readers happy, and collect the revenue without lifting a finger?

Just-in-Time, vs Just-in-Case

Sheridan is the industry’s leading print-on-demand journal provider so it makes sense that we can handle the mechanics of a print program for online-only titles. Our powerful central print management system Sheridan Select™ is the engine, and our professional Subscriber Services staff is the conduit.

Our licensed print management program starts with the receipt of your online-only journal files, which we store in our Sheridan Electronic Warehouse. We then will build a means for your members to request that print version on your journal’s website, leading seamlessly to our POD interface, eCommerce platform, and subscriber services team for order placement, invoicing, production, and delivery.

Your readers get a choice; you maintain your online-only digital publishing focus.


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