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Author Center Portal

The Author Center Portal for Authors Saves You Time.

The Author Center is a browser-based electronic delivery and return system for author proofs. This publisher-branded author portal gives your authors direct access to article proofs and other instructions and supporting documentation. By delivering supporting documentation and instructions via the Author Center, initial author email notification is greatly simplified.

Function and Flexibility

In addition, the Author Center allows authors to retrieve, correct, and return proofs as digital files. PDF annotation instructions are provided to assist authors in making digital corrections, but proofs can also be hand-marked and returned as scanned to PDFs.


Free your production staff from manual follow-up and reminders to your authors.  The Author Center generates author reminder notifications (both download and return reminders) to the author at designated intervals.  All files returned through the Author Center are delivered in a consistent manner to a designated production directory, and notifications come with standard subject lines for easy identification.  What could be simpler?

The Author Center.

A powerful tool for authors; a tremendous time-saver for you.



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