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Law Review Template

Automate the Formatting and Styling Process

Good news for busy Law Review editors and staff! Sheridan’s no-cost Law Review Template is a smart fusion of composition and customized copyedit functions that automatically applies your journal’s specific style and copyedit guidelines. The time-savings are significant and the results are accurate when you automate these once-tedious, manual tasks.

Good Form; Courtesy of your Law Review Printer

Style section heads, author information, extracts, and quoted content quickly with the easy-to-use toolbar. Automatically set margins, page number insertion, running heads, and reference/footnote areas. Generate TOC and offprint covers with a click.


Sheridan delivers a template that is tailor-made to your Law Review style and format, meaning each time you apply it to your new issues, you are assured that the result is consistent and true to your guidelines.

Rely On Your Sheridan Team, Now and Next Year

Your dedicated digital support representative helps load the template to your system, trains you/your staff to use the template, and to create print-ready PDF files and transfer them to Sheridan electronically for print. In fact, as your law review printer and full-service provider, we are there for you every step of the way, especially during the transition process from current editor and staff to incumbents. We offer a training session each year, to assist the new Editorial Board and staff. Be assured, our commitment to the success of your law review is long term!  

The Sky’s the Limit with Sheridan as Your Law Review Printer

Beyond the powerful template, we have a world of options and services to offer your law review. Sheridan is so much more than just a law review printer.  From traditional high quality print, to equally high quality economical digital print, to mobile and electronic versions of your law review, including easy ePub conversions for a wide variety of eReaders, we have solutions that fit and the expertise to guide you to the right products. Sheridan is a true extension of your busy staff — right down to mailing and subscriber service. Like to know more? Contact us to set up a demo.

I got the template up and running on our journal computer -- your template is SO MUCH BETTER than our previous long-time printer’s template. I've formatted three articles in the time it used to take me to do one. I can't believe how much quicker this process is.
Charleston Law Review Editor

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